School Staff

Our Staff

All of the teachers at KJS are fully qualified teachers who are registered both within their home countries and in Hong Kong.

Specialist teachers in Individual Needs, Music, Physical Education and Mandarin add additional expertise to the programmes provided at KJS.

A team of Educational Assistants provide further support and make a valuable contribution to the learning of our students. Further support is provided by the office, medical, janitorial, ICT, human resources and finance teams.

Staff Photos

Kowloon Learning Campus
Ed Wickins (Executive Principal)
Alex Ng (Executive Officer)


Head of School
Karen Thomas                             


Vice Principals
Ciarian Fay                      
Jane Parker                           


PYP Co-ordinator
Dawn Doucette                              


Year 1
Jessica Austin 1J (Leader)                           
Anjali Isaacs
Zoe Brinkworth
Nina Soulsby
Mhairi Wallace
Year 2
Diane May (Leader / Teaching & Learning Coach)
Heather Bogador
Bob Chahal
Aarti Gupta
Laura Mayho
Tom Hine
Year 3
Rebecca Pearson 3P (Leader)
Erin McElhatton
Hollie Hanwell
Jane Howells
Luke Moxon
Year 4
Matt Caplin 4C (Leader)
Emma Gultiano
Louise Moxon
John McArthur 4Mc (Art Co-ordinator)
Alfreda Tolliday-Wright
Year 5
Leonie Raymond 5R (Leader)

Rachel Kehoe 5K - on leave
Milene Narrainen

Charlotte Mortimer
Vanessa Sheppard
Ken Woodward
Year 6
Dom Parry 6P (Leader)
Paul Anderson 6A (Maths Co-ordinator)
Alison Leedale
Katie Tucker
Ian Wishart
Ning Duan (Co-ordinator)
Eileen So

Erica Siu - on leave

Anni Shi

Individual Needs - SEN, LSC & EAL
Mary Briggs (LSC Manager)
Anne-Julie Berube (LSC Teacher)
Jacqueline Stewart (IN Co-ordinator)
Nicola Rigby (EAL Teacher)
Stephen Davenport (Co-ordinator)
Physical Education
Ian Riddell (Co-ordinator)
Literacy & ICT Specialist
Lisa Kaye (Literacy Specialist)
Heather Darling (Learning Tech Co-ordinator) -on leave