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Welcome to Kowloon Junior Schools first Health Page. The reason for starting this page is to provide parents and students with information on the most common medical issues, which can arise within their primary years in school. How to recognize signs and symptoms and some treatment advice is provided.  Included also are some tips on staying fit and healthy. Please follow the attachements at the end of the page.


Firstly I would like to draw your attention to the following;

IMPORTANT : Information regarding medication which is required in school or on camp.

IMPORTANT: If your child is required to take prescribed medication in school or on camp, you must ensure…A Medical Authorisation Form has been completed and signed by the parent.

If for camp the medicine has been handed in to the nurse at least 7 days before the camp by an adult (parent or helper) - not a student

The medicine is in the original packaging and clearly labeled with the following:

a) Student’s name

b) Student’s date of birth

c) Doctor’s name

d) Instructions & expiry date of medicine*

* Medicine that is out of date or decanted into another bottle will not be accepted

Parents can access the Medical Authorisation Form via the KJS Homepage by going to the menu on the right hand side of the Web Page and clicking on ‘Quick Links’ followed by ‘Useful Documents’. Alternatively you can go to:

The completed form can be sent by letter to the school nurse or scanned (with the parents signature) and emailed to her at the following address:


Absent from school - LINK

9/2/15 - Temperature Checks - We have been informed by the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB) and the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) that current influenza activity among children in Hong Kong is very high. To prevent outbreaks of influenza and other respiratory infections, the CHP have advised that all students have their temperature taken each day before attending school.  

We are in very close contact with the CHP and due to the strength of the school health screening procedures, the number of KJS students absent due to colds or flu currently remains low - and we are obviously keen to keep it that way! Therefore we ask that all KJS parents check their child(ren)’s temperature each morning before school and record it on the record sheet (attached) - which should be glued/ stapled into the front of the School Diary. Any child with a temperature of 37.5 degrees or above must not be sent into school until 48 hours after the fever has returned to normal - and parents should also seek medical advice for their child as soon as possible.


References and for more information on any of the attachments please go to:


New information will be added and important medical news will be mentioned here so re-visit the Health Page again soon.

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