Music at KJS

Music is a part of our everyday life, and at KJS our  music sessions help students to understand this concept; through creating and responding to music in a variety of ways In the PYP music curriculum we explore the role of music in our lives through the strands of creating music and responding. These two strands go hand-in-hand and are very closely linked; our students have come to realize that as part of the creative process, we are constantly moving through and between the acts of creating and responding, and that it is hard to have one without the other.

Students develop many of the PYP transdisciplinary skills including communication and socials skills, since much of the learning we do is collaborative. This allows us to become aware of our roles and responsibilities within a group; this also helps us to develop the PYP attributes and attitudes. As a result of these strong connections to the wider world, students can make more sense of the role of music in their own lives. In addition to creating music, students are given many opportunities to respond to a wide variety of music, including their own work and other artists' work. KJS music students learn to be respectful and open-minded when experiencing a wide range of music from many cultures, places and times. Through this exposure to such a diverse selection of music media, we learn to be reflective as we construct personal meaning in order to inspire our own future musical endeavors.



ESF Orchestra Jam Video



Useful Music Theory link for an app


Instrumental Lessons at lunchtimes

KJS provides opportunities for students to learn instruments at school. Individual and group lessons are available and are provided by Schroeder’s Music Peripatetic Teachers.

Lessons available in Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Guitar

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There are Performances by students in school assemblies and we have Two annual concerts every year at Christmas and in the Spring.