Chinese Language

We recognise that Chinese is the second language of our school and the language of our host country. We are committed to children achieving a high competence in Chinese.
Throughout their schooling, children are provided with learning opportunities appropriate to their level of ability and background in learning Chinese. Following the ESF wide outcome-based multi-pathway curriculum, our children are catered for in different groups and pathways.

The three language Strands (Oral, Visual and Written) are taught through purposeful and engaging activities. Year 1 and Year 2 children have 2 x 45-minute lessons and 2 x 30-minute lessons per week; Year 3 to Year 6 children have daily Chinese lessons of 45 minutes.

As the children progress through the programme, they learn to communicate and interact in Chinese in a natural and unrehearsed manner with their teachers, classmates and the wider community.
Chinese language learning is further facilitated through the contribution of the Chinese teachers to the Programme of Inquiry. All teachers of Chinese will contribute to team teaching to promote learning through the language, professional collaboration, curriculum continuity and articulation.
Children studying Chinese take an active role in their language learning. Since their participation is an integral part of each class, the children naturally take ownership of this language, which they are then able to use. Opportunities are provided so that students may enhance the communication and social skills, which are essential in their daily lives.


Links to resources and websites

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Learning Chinese Online – Singapore Xiaoxue Huawen (for pathway 3)

Learning Chinese Online – (for pathway 3)


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