Camp Update for Y5 Parents

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For all Y5 parents:
Dear all, as I type all the children are lying down in their tents and dorms contemplating going to sleep! We have had a wonderful day gorge walking, kayaking and participating in team building activities. The children have eaten well. We have been really impressed by them all today as they have made us proud.


Ms Thomas



Dear All.
Day two has been fabulous so far. After a good sleep, a particularly early start from the campers and a delicious breakfast we enjoyed a great morning together. The children are just returning from their afternoon activities having made and eaten their own lunch. Everyone is safe and happy and it has been wonderful to see how they are supporting and encouraging one another in a range activities that have challenged them in different ways - from washing up to gorge walking and many things in between. As I type I am listening to some children excitedly telling Mrs Raymond about the flying fish they saw while kayaking!  It really is a beautiful spot here - what a wonderful experience for them all.
Hoping you are not missing them too much.

Ms Thomas



Greetings from a slightly damp camp! We had another brilliant day and thankfully the rain didn't start until the end of the activities. It was fun eating under cover and will be even more fun for the children who are sleeping in tents tonight - there's nothing better than being cool enough to snuggle up under cover when camping - much better than when it's very warm. As I type it is 9pm and - believe it or not - they are all asleep! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Ms Thomas

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